Tonight, I spent a few hours with a high school classmate and her husband over in Tampa. There were lots of laughs and quite a few stories from back then and now, catching up on the different things that have happened in our lives.

The funny thing is, back then, we weren't friends. We knew each other, but one would never call us friends. It wasn't until we happened to meet up again online (about 14 years ago), that we both probably were willing to look past the person we once knew and get to know the people we'd become.

I'm glad for that, because we have way more shared experiences and situations than we did back then, and that common ground in this case is typically hard to find. So, when she made an appointment for a doctor in my stomping grounds, she contacted me to see if we could meet.

Yes, I could have spent the time studying...but I'm glad I didn't.


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