Food Reality TV Alert

Yeah, I don't watch a lot of television. If this isn't already obvious, I will prove it by saying I just found out that one of the few reality competitions I watch is launching season five in two weeks!

The Next Iron Chef battles have felled quite a few chefs I thought would be worthy of facing challengers in Kitchen Stadium, but it seems that Food Network agrees. Season Five is Redemption, and several of the challengers are people I was seriously rooting for their first time around, like Jehagir Mehta, Amanda Freitag, and Alex Guarnaschelli. (Though no Anne Burrell)

Here's the thing that gets me. Alex is now the sous chef for her rival, Geoffrey Zakarian in season four. I'm thinking all these battles can really make her a contender. Then again, Anne Burrell had a ton of stadium experience and didn't make it.

I have to admit, though, as much as I adore these two women chefs, I'm kind of rooting for Jehangir, same as I was rooting for Mahneet Choudry last year. As a cook, it would really be cool to see the Indian cuisine play a role in battles, helping me to add more than curry powder to foods for something different.

Yeah, my geek flag is flying here. November sweeps gets everyone else all psyched about the massive storylines in their favorite series, and I find out that there's an Iron Chef competition to keep me happy.


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