The nurse practitioner likes my progress. He agrees with the bosses' timetable for me to return (if I still need naps after going out, I am not ready to return yet, IMO) a week from Monday.

I can drive, but shouldn't wear the neck brace for that. However, if I'm a passenger, I need to wear it, as well as sitting at a desk, or while I'm out and about to keep me from doing 'stupid stuff'. Okay, I'll buy that.

The best part? I don't have to wear it while sleeping! After last night, that was very good news, because I apparently tried to burrow into the chair I'd been sleeping on to avoid sleeping on my side and might have tried to bend my neck at a 90 degree angle. That doesn't work, even without a plate in one's neck.

I got home after running errands (and seeing my students briefly), took the neck brace off, and promptly slept for three hours. It was glorious.

Maybe I'll be on the mend quicker, now that I can resume the preferred sleeping method!


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