OPI Gelcolor and Gelish Layering!

If you hadn't gotten the idea how much I adore Katie, my nail tech, I really do. She's a sweetheart and she pampers me and my nails every couple of weeks. Today, she was excited about all the new colors she had to share.

This time, I gave her free reign to play, since she had been dabbling in trying to color match a shade for a client. She also told me that many of her regulars put the same color on every time they come to see her, which is boring. Meanwhile, I can't wait to try something new. And this week, that's exactly what I got!

This was a layer of a bottom coat of Gelish Sweet Chocolate, which on its own looked like a melted Hershey bar. Then she applied a layer of OPI Gelcolor Deutsch You Want Me to get a metallic, coppery shade. What do you think?

Last time I went to have my nails done, Ed commented that he expects manicures to be reds, pinks, and orange-y corals. Meanwhile, the reason I do my nails now is that there is so much more variety in shades. The backdrop is more my usual speed on colors, to the point that a coworker who was a friend before I started my job saw the color and commented that she never expected to see me in this kind of color.

I kind of like it. It screams fall to me, looking similar to a caramel apple shade. As we talked about that, the coworker told me she's doing up her nails like candy corn this weekend, which is totally her. That's probably the best thing about the palette OPI, Gelish and CND put out-you definitely can find something that's right up your alley, and sometimes, you can mix it up, too.

I'm going to enjoy a little bit of fall color in this 90 degree weather.


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