Recipe, S'il Vous Plait: Bolognese Sauce

Back when I was doing Tasty Thursdays at Mom Dot, I put up the recipe for Bolognese sauce and it never made it over here. I don't think the recipe is still on Trisha's site after the revamp, but a blogger I follow (actually, on Twitter) mentioned getting spaghetti squash and needing a sauce for it.

To me, that needs a full bodied sauce, and I immediately offered up my recipe for Bolognese sauce, which is Ed's absolute favorite. She told me sure, and I messaged her with the recipe (Tweeting it would have taken forever!), and since sharing it, I've had a hankering for the rich, meaty sauce. I made some tonight, and figured I would share it here.

This is definitely a food of love thing, low and slow simmering gives you a better flavor. Once you've browned the meat and cooked the onions down, you can even do this in the crock pot while you're at work, the choice is yours. Depending on how long you cook down, this makes 5 or 6 quarts.

Bolognese sauce 1 pound ground beef, or if you aren't hard and fast about kosher food restrictions, 1/2 lb ground beef 1/2 ground pork (I do both).
**the current batch has two pounds of ground beef because it was a brick, and that turned out nicely.
1 large can crushed tomatoes (the kind from a warehouse club) OR 4 supermarket sized cans (around 28 oz)
2 medium onions, sliced or minced to the size you prefer
4 cloves fresh garlic, minced
1 to 2 teaspoons crushed red pepper (optional)
3 tablespoons dried basil
2 tablespoons oregano
1 tablespoon salt
3 ounces olive oil
I also add 2 tablespoons each of onion and garlic powder, because they have a different flavor profile from the fresh. **Note, this does look like a ton of spices, don't be fooled! You need a lot of seasoning in this.

If you have other spices you prefer in your sauce, have at it, there's no hard and fast rules here. I've been making this since I was a teen and I've seriously modified from what my mom taught me back then.

First, take your stockpot and brown the meat on medium heat, crumbling it up like taco meat. Remove from the pot and drain well and set aside.

Next, pour the olive oil in the bottom of the pan, add the onions and stir until they're coated well with the oil, then add the spices and cook on medium heat until the onions are translucent. Add the fresh garlic, cook for one minute.

Then, add the meat back in and the crushed tomatoes. Stir well and let sit at medium heat until it starts to bubble (not a full boil).

Now, let it simmer on the lowest setting you can for a minimum of four hours.

We served it over spaghetti, but this holds up to rotini and large pastas nicely.



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