Gelish Magneto-Almost 2 Weeks Later

I'm getting a lot of raves for this manicure. I really love the color and the effect, and apparently, it catches other people's attention, too.

There's one area where it doesn't measure up: look what happened while I was cooking this past Saturday:
I wasn't using a knife, I was actually just filling a pot with water to make baked ziti. To be honest, I've done far more kitchen work with CND's Shellac not showing a single sign that I'd spent time in the kitchen. This was underwhelming. That, and the fact that two nails have ripped near the base of the nail leaves me with the impression that the layers are not nearly as durable as CND's Shellac.

I'll probably go with this when the nails are shorter, but I have an average length (for me nowadays, anyway) and I'm being a lot more ginger with what I do with this manicure-which defeats the purpose of getting a two week gel polish.

Your mileage may vary, but I'm recovering from surgery and not doing much and this does not bode well for when I resume normal activities.

**Edited to add: When I visited Katie the next day, she brought up a valid point, that my body is recovering from surgery, and as such, my nails may be undergoing some changes. It is possible that the chipping and rips near the nail bed is due to a weakened system. Sounds possible. I'm going to resume my daily biotin supplements for now to strengthen the nails and help knit those bones I'm trying to fuse together!


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