When Planning A Schedule Pans Out

Several factors go into my school schedule. Night classes can't interfere with Scouts. Day classes have to be done before 2:30pm. Then I factor in what I need to graduate and rule out the lousy professors.

This semester has two Psych classes that were non-negotiable and then two more that fulfill requirements in two different Psych course tracks (the tracks have been likened to a Chinese dinner column A/column B approach). The reviews of the professors for the requirements where I could choose from the five courses in each track were good AND the course content appealed to me. What I didn't expect is the amount of overlap that each pair has had so far this semester.

Tonight's Tests and Measures lecture reviewed all the items that are on the Psych Stats test next Wednesday night. It confirmed what I feel about psych stats-this stuff has sunk in. I got together a study group to review for that test, and we'll probably use the practice materials from Tests and Measures class to confirm that we understand the formulas.

At the start of the semester, I'd mentioned that this probably would happen and friends assured me that it would be unlikely until the very end of the semester. However, the review of each syllabus reveals that they'll coexist fairly closely for about a month. So that's a happy side benefit of pairing these two classes-I'm reinforcing the concepts.

What I really didn't expect is for the other two classes to cover similar content and theorists. It hasn't been as pronounced as the other two classes, but each week, at least one of the same theories gets mentioned in both classes.

I love it when a plan that was made to meet requirements and get some enjoyment out of the material reinforces what is being taught.


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