Il Fait Foid

Back in the dark ages, 1979-1981, I took Francais in middle school. The reason I took French and not Spanish like 99.99% of my classmates is because my Papa was off the boat French. I had notions of speaking with him in his native tongue.

(What really happened? He taught me phrases to speak to annoy Madame Boucai. Papa was AWESOME!)

Thirty years later, I remembered a word here, a phrase there. The only weather related statements I remembered were the above and Il neige, something that we don't really encounter in Florida. The only thing that really stuck was the numbers. This had to be due to playing hide and go seek with my babysitting charges and counting out the numbers 'en francais' while they hid.

When I was informed that one of my graduation requirements is two semesters of a foreign language, it was an easy decision to take Spanish. It's extremely practical for the area. Odds were better that I'd have a chance to use it and maybe even retain more than just counting and those weather phrases not suited for Florida.

Funny thing is, the more I study spanish, the more the long-forgotten french comes back. The days of the week are vaguely similar, but all of a sudden I'm practicing in the car (commute time is espanol time) and lundi, mardi, mercodi, juedi, vandredi, samedi, dimanche comes out of my mouth instead of lunes mardes, meircoles, jueves, veirnes, sabado y domingo. Whoops. Wonder how much more francais is going to come back?

At least I don't want to learn phrases to insult my professor this time around!


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