This week has been the start of our fun. We moved Jane into Assisted Living this past Friday. Wait a minute-we started moving her into her apartment.

Ed and I are the veterans of quite a few moves. Jane, not so much (this is her 4th in 57 years). I typed up a long post on Saturday morning, detailing things that perhaps people who don't move often might find useful information. Too bad it was too late to use for Jane.

If all goes well, we'll have the rest of her stuff out of the house this week and can start clearing out what remains. A lot of it has me scratching my head, like why a woman who likes to wear a butt ugly leather cap that looks like the one worn by one of the kids on Fat Albert and the Cosby kids has EIGHT Tinkerbell baseball caps. No, I've never seen her wear a single one of them.

I suspect the next few weeks will bring more puzzlement!


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