Car Colors That You Won't Find on the Lot

Today can be summed up with one word. SNAFU. It is extremely frustrating when Jane does not pay attention to the important information given to her by others, because she expects Ed or I to keep on top of it for her. That's all I'll say about it now, because it could be a novel if I don't.

Anyway, while out and about dealing with the aftermath of today's screw up, Jane mentioned she liked the color of the passing VW Beetle. It was my runner up color if VW hadn't done the special edition color I got. I said it was something nature related, like moss green-but that wasn't it.

Her response? She could only think of one thing in nature-Gangrene. No, I doubt VW will be using that for the next green shade they bestow on a car.

But it sent us off on a tangent of colors that won't show up on cars:

Asphyxia Azure
Black Lung
Rubella Red
Vomit Orange
and Cyanotic Cyan

Wonder what other body and health related colors won't be seen in the showrooms?


LceeL said…
Poop Brown.
Kaoscapt said…
Can't believe you missed...

Scarlet Fever!
Saffa Chick said…
Hi Suzanne

Long time no visit... I know I have nearly 5 months worth of your blog to catch up on so I keep waiting for a good time... which does not happen!

I'm back reading though, and I've missed your news ;-)

on topic: Baby-poo yellow!

love Saffa Chick

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