Of Technical Difficulties

When you use your laptop as much as I do mine, there are bound to be failures.

For instance, when the Toshiba was but a couple of months old, the keyboard failed. Toshiba happened to have an authorized repair center here in Lakeland and they repaired it within 24 hours of drop off. All was good.

Then I started school. I now spend HOURS on Blackboard, watching lectures, typing my own assignments (and editing for friends). The keys started acting up again in early October, but not enough to warrant being without the machine for a day or two. I find it better to type my lecture notes than write them, thanks to the wrist issues (and emerging neurological concerns).

This semester, I have a web course that involves two hour lectures. In using headphones on a regular basis, I noticed my right channel would cut in and out. I wedged a piece of cardboard in between the two jacks and that somewhat fixed the problem. I knew I needed to get the thing serviced before the warranty ran out, but trying to plan for not having a working machine for a day or two didn't come into play until this week. I figured if I dropped it off Tuesday, I could be without it and pick up Wednesday night right before class.

Until today.

I fired up the machine as usual, but noticed it was on battery power-not electric. I checked all connections. Alas, it's the connector into the machine that is faulty. At least this is still under warranty. The call has been made and hopefully, I'll be bringing it for service tomorrow morning and getting it back Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon.

I guess when I tell people I'm a hardcore user, it's no joke!

Expect a few iPhone picture posts for the next couple of days.


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