Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

In 94 Soundtrack Sunday posts, you'd think I'd have mentioned this before, but it looks like I haven't. As much as Ed and I like music, we have several songs we call our own, but in addition to that, we made each other mix tapes (remember those?) when we first started dating-so those songs make us think of each other as well.

Contained in the tape he sent to me were a few songs that have special significance that are not of the type you'd hear on the radio (when's the last time you heard Steve Hackett's solo works on the air?), but several of them are. When I do happen to hear them in passing, it makes me smile and think of the words Ed wrote to accompany the tape.

Today, I share a few of them with you.

Chicago, Wishing You Were Here. Ours was a long distance relationship, so this one made a lot of sense. The second significance was that he was living in Chicago at the time.

Billy Joel, Until the Night.
Another one that had special significance, as Billy was a fellow LI'er. He culled this one off of vinyl, and I got to know exactly were each pop was on that tape!
Elton John, Seasons.This one comes from the soundtrack "Friends" that Elton and Bernie did before their huge success. It's a beautiful short little song-and it shows that Elton probably could have a nice career scoring movies.

Onward, Yes.There are several groups that are near and dear to Ed's heart, Yes is one of them. I was familiar with the song, and as is typical, we would sing along (and I'd take the Squire part, which I think Ed preferred.)

In Your Eyes, Peter Gabriel. The tape was stacked heavily with progressive rock music, which is Ed's passion. It came as no surprise that Gabriel was on this tape, for the triumvirate of Ed's listening for many years was Genesis, Yes and then Marillion.

How about you? Did your significant other make a mix tape for you? Are there songs that you hear and they remind you of your sweetie?


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