Tales of Another Job Fair

This time, I was there on behalf of school, not as an applicant. If there's one thing that would not be a good idea, it would be to start a new job in the next month with all the moving stuff.

I've written of the things I've seen before in this space. At that time, I was responsible for hiring. Things have not changed. Well, a few things have, like the fact that there were 40 employers (three were branches of the military) and probably 600 applicants.

So, if you're headed to a job fair, consider the following...

The t-shirt with the cutesy/raunchy/offensive saying, shorts and flip flops will definitely get you noticed. So will the neon green hair. Just not in a good way.

If you look like you're one of the employers who are recruiting, those recruiters will spend time talking to you.

Job hunting is a solo effort. Gossiping with your friends about the extra curricular activities is not going to make as good a first impression as you standing in that line looking alert and attentive.

If your girlfriend is filling out your applications for you (where the recruiters can see it, mind you), it's not going to reflect well on your work ethic.

My companions and I just soaked it all in. A previous employer was there and I chatted them up-and got the phone call the next morning. Part time work beginning in a month.

So I went to a job fair just to represent the school and ended up with a job anyway!


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