Pinewood Derby 2010

This is Chef's last month as a Cub Scout. As it is February, we have two traditional scouting events and our pack's monthly camping trip (which is not uncommon in warmer climates). If you're a Webelo 2, the weekends are busy the month you head into the next stage of scouting.

Today was our pack's Pinewood Derby, the first of the annual winter events (the other, Blue and Gold, is at the end of the month). For weeks, we wondered if Chef would get his act together as to what he was doing with his car. See, Game Teen kicked butt several years ago with his aerodynamic half teardrop design-Chef thought he'd copy that. Nope, you're not duplicating his winning design. The middle of last week, he told me he wanted a rounded wedge and explained the reason for it.

Thankfully, one of our leaders cut the car for him and passed it off to us at this past week's meeting. On Thursday, he painted it and Ed assisted on wheel and axle setup. I would have been no help-I didn't realize those wheels need to be polished. The finished result:

The astute among you are wondering, and yes, those are the Revell BSA wheels on his car. Out of the package, those things do not need to be polished.

While Game Teen rocked his first and only Pinewood Derby, Chef has not been as successful. He went for design over form two years ago and painted his block as the Winnebago seen in Ben 10. Dead last in every heat, so he didn't even participate last year.

This year, the design he implemented was consistent, earning him times of 2.78, 2.79, 2.79 and 2.80. He succeeded in earning 4th place!

Chef with the leader who cut his car
On to districts next month.

Talk about ending the cub scout experience with a bang.


Grandy said…
Right on!! 4th place is GREAT!!

Did you make one yourself? I used to always make one as the leader, and would usually make it funny. One time I drilled holes all over it, and painted was swiss cheese. Another year I painted it red, and it was a brick. :)
Suzanne said…
Grandy, we don't have the appropriate power tools to cut the cars, so I just worried about Chef's. :)

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