Know When to Say When

...doesn't just apply to beer consumption.

If you like collecting things with images of a character on them, you're taking it too far when:

You're buying duplicate items, just because they have 'your favorite' on them. This especially an issue when you've got EIGHT ball caps and expensive crystal keychains (along with others), with price tags still hanging on them or still in boxes that are covered in dust.

When the items are not age appropriate, like lunch boxes, rolling luggage for little girls, dolls and the like. Hey, I can understand being in touch with your inner child, but one is enough, right?

If it's an item you really don't use (like lunch boxes or school backpacks), why would you have multiples, some still in boxes (and all with price tags still on them?

If your closet is full of clothes that fits but you haven't worn, your drawers have brand new t-shirts that haven't been worn, isn't it a little silly to buy another 40 of them, just because your character is on them-and then not wear them?

It's taking forever to move Jane into assisted living for this reason. It won't be fun telling her that no, you can't afford that meal out (new Hugh Jackman DVD, shoes, fill in the blank) because you blew your life's savings on this crap.


LceeL said…
That is a shame.

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