Say What?

As we were driving in town today, Ed and I went by what appears to be a new fast food restaurant being constructed. Ed pondered what it was, while I said "Rodda" in the manner of Schnitzel, a character on one of the cartoons Chef watches. We have a local construction company who bears the name of the only word the character says.

So, Ed mentioned that he had an idea for a new cartoon. Basically, you lump all the characters who only say one word as the catch all for every conversation into one show, then you put up subtitles. It'd be a cheap production, because you can use the same footage for every show-just change the subtitles.

The cast of characters would be the following:

The aforementioned Schnitzel from Chowder. His sole word is "Rodda" and he always looks mad, but other characters translate those "Roddas" into a range of emotions.

Coco from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Her sole word is her name, and she's easily excited.

Picachu, though any Pokemon will do. They all use their name and forms of their name to convey all range of emotions. It's a shame Meowlf is ineligible for this imaginary show, because he's the smartest (and slightly less annoying) Pokemon.

Blip from Space Ghost. He didn't make it over to Cartoon Planet or Space Ghost Coast to Coast because his dialogue contributions are extremely limited.

To add some interest, some live action characters can participate in our fictitious show. How about some Sleestaks? Except for Enik, these lizard like creaters from the Land of the Lost just hiss.

Hey, look at it this way, at least some network didn't pay us a pile of money to come up with this idea (a la Supertrain) or some movie studio produced it (like The Big Bus).

Any other non-anthropomorphic characters that should join this cast?


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