What's For Dinner Wednesday

Wednesday nights are hectic around here. Once the boys get home from school, it's a flurry of homework, dinner and then drive over to Bob and Maureen's to drop them off while I attend class. As a result, WFDW has been on a little break.

This morning, I drove Game Teen to school and uttered the magic word and with it, dinner was set.


Ever since Chef came up with his "Chef Paninni" a few months ago, this has become the hit of the dinner in a hurry repetoire. Chef's vision was Asiago bread, honey ham, honey mustard and cheddar cheese. We've done variations, but it's usually ham between those slices of bread.

Today, the boys got their ham, but I did a variation inspired by the upstate NY Beef on Weck. Mine was: horseradish mayo, sauteed onions, colby-jack cheese and roast beef on rye. It definitely will be a repeat for me.


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