Sunday, February 07, 2010

Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

Tonight's Super Bowl game reminded me of the one trip to Nawlin's (as the locals pronounce it) back in 1984 for the World's Fair. It's a city I've wanted to visit ever since, full of history, good food and fine music.

In honor of the city, some songs that mention New Orleans:
Great song, great artist and one of the highlights of her live show.

Hey now, hey now! It wasn't until I was in the Crescent city that I found out this song was about a parade collision of two 'tribes' there.

A change of mood, but still a great song:

To finish out, a musician that reeks of New Orleans to me, Dr. John.

There aren't that many cities that can boast more than a dozen songs about them, but this town has plenty more than the ones I mentioned here.

I'm sure the partying is going to last for days!

1 People talked back:

Grandy said...

Oh yes...the party will be going for DAYZ! I didn't realize there were so many songs about NAWLEANS either. ;)