Two Down, Two to Go

Tonight's post is a quick one. I have to hit the books.

Last week, I took my first test. Yesterday morning, the second. Both tests netted 88s. (Update-apparently a lot of people got two questions wrong, so she added 4 points to all of our tests, now it's a 92!) Not a bad start to the semester. There's another test tomorrow in Psych Stats that I got together with a classmate to study for on Sunday morning. We both have a lock on the material, so the studying will be minimal.

Then another test Thursday morning. That's my unknown quantity. The lectures are good, full of a lot of information-but he says 5 to 10% of the test will be from the book. Yikes, a needle in the haystack of 250 pages of text! (I've read about 175 of them.)

Back to the books.


Mike Golch said…
I know that you can do it.Hey if I muddled my way to get my associates of arts degree,I think that you can make it as well.
LceeL said…
You go, girl. Study hard. Ace those tests. You can do it.

(Whew. That wasn't as hard as I thought. This supportive stuff is fun!)
daysgoby said…
Wow! Those are great scores!

You can do it!

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