Mi Llamo No Comprende

I've mentioned it before that I am taking Spanish this semester. There are several tips my instructor gave to help us with this demanding FIVE credit class.
1. Write your notes in one notebook, then transfer them into another one neatly after class
2. Use flash cards 5 minutes a day, at least three times a day
3. Listen to Spanish television or CNN Headline news in Spanish
4. Practice speaking from your notes at least 20 minutes a day

All good advice that paid off today. We had our first test and I was calm, cool and collected. I probably got a 90 on it, mostly because I followed her directions, but also because I pulled out my Spanish for Gringos CDs and I've been listening to them. When I listen to them and Chef's in the car, that's when it gets interesting.

On Sunday, he and I worked a Boy Scout fundraiser. While we were in the car, I would escuche and repita. Of course, Chef would interject his comments the whole time. When I said "Adios, nos vemos", he said "Mom, don't leave, I'm not old enough to drive!" Then when I was instructed to point at various office supplies, we pointed at odd things. The colors became a race to see who would find the amarillo to point at first.

In some respects, Chef feels like it is his job to help with my Spanish studies. When I told him that I took the first test today, he asked me to speak to him en espanol. I asked him "Como esta?" and he said "blanco."

"Como se llama?" His answer "No se." I laughed and said "You don't know your name? Then he said "Oh, I goofed, mi llamo No Comprende." It continued in this fashion. What answers he did know, he'd use at the wrong times. It's kind of like when he plays a video game and when he's excited he says "Hola! Por Favor!"

Who knew that studying Spanish involved a comedy routine?

I'm curious to see what the kid throws at me as the semester goes on-and how much of the Spanish I earn college credit for will stick with him.


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