With Apologies to Janis Joplin

Oh Lord, won't you buy me a new king size bed?
The queen size has spent many nights supporting our heads
My back, it is aching, and it won't ever mend
So Lord, won't you buy me a new king size bed?

Hey, at least it's a lot cheaper than a Mercedes Benz!

The back doesn't like me very much lately. I've got a call into a physical therapy practice for the doctor prescribed sessions. Once they check with my insurance, get a copy of the MRI and see what the doctor wants them to do, I should get some sessions going.

Part of me wonders how much this bed is exacerbating the problems, though, because what had been an issue with the neck and one shoulder is now affecting both arms, between the shoulder blades and my lower back. I know things are bad when I stopped in at Game Teen's school and the nurse asked me what I did to my back-she could see how stiff I was.

I broke down and took a Vicodin an hour ago.

This is getting old...


Anonymous said…
You seem to take Vicodin on a very regular basis.
Suzanne said…
Not really. Four pills in three weeks isn't that much, and I hadn't taken any in 18 months prior. I have a standing prescription for them from the Vascular surgeon and I haven't filled one since 2008.

If you're new here, it probably seems like a lot.

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