Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

What am I listening to the most these days?

Not songs. I wish that were the case. However, a house with two kids who are loud and like their video games and tv shows is not condusive to studying. Add my ADHD, and any songs I might have playing in headsets will cause me to focus on the song, not the text book.

I've turned to white noise.

No, I don't have the television tuned to a channel that doesn't have anything broadcasting, I've been listening to rain storms, lightning and waterfalls. THEN, I got the iPhone last week and got an app that Jill suggested, Binaural Beat.

It's pretty cool. I can tell it what I'm looking to do and it will give me appropriate soothing sounds. Sleep? Gotcha covered. Relaxation? There's a format for that, too. Study aid? That's what I'm listening to.

It has a steady rainfall track, interspersed with some deep wind chimes and thunder. Underneath it is an oscillating tone that helps brain function. Sometimes, I hear the tone more than the rain, but I suspect that's the way my brain works. It's still quite useful.

Especially when the kids are both in the living room doing whatever while I'm trying to study. That is music to my ears!


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