Happiness? Just Add Cat

Word to the wise: Double check that something has indeed posted to the blog by using the "View Blog" feature. In my rush to get back to schoolwork, I didn't-and this was stuck in draft!

Jane and I stopped by the nursing home today. Mom seems much better with a good night's sleep. She likes the caregivers, the roommate is nice and it appears all will be well with this temporary arrangement.

However, we know she misses the creature comforts of home. We brought her television and a few more items that she needed. She has a Jiminy Cricket plush that normally sits next to the TV, and we brought that, too. She was happy to see it and gave it a hug.

We saved the best for last. She has been moping, just like a certain feline has. I asked last night and was told, yes, we can bring the cat in, so long as he leaves when we do.

When I lifted the cat carrier onto her bed, her face lit up like it was Christmas morning. Her Jiminy climbed out of the carrier and into the crook of her arm. He stayed that way for the majority of the visit while she nuzzled up on her buddy.

Later, I came to bring Jane and Jiminy home and Mom had perked up considerably. (Jane got a few scratches when she put Jim back in his carrier for a trip home) If ever I doubted the therapeutic nature of pets, the evidence was right in front of me. Mom is happy when she has her cat.

Now, to work on the other thing that makes her happy-a good cup of coffee...


simba2 said…
Hehe. Never doubt the power of a kitteh. Mine always comfort me, except when they're doing disturbing things on the stuffed animals...

Glad Ed's Mom is settling in ok.

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