What's for Dinner Wednesday

There are many meals in this house that we disagree over. I love pork chops-Ed can do without ever having them. He likes veal, I refuse to prepare it because I lived near farms with 'veal calf jails' for many years.

The number one, don't make it for me because I won't eat it meal has always been Shepherd's Pie. It seems that Ed's college cafeteria would take the previous night's leftover meat, slap a bunch of mashed potatoes on it and call it Shepherd's Pie! Even veal parmesan (one of Ed's favorite meals that I refuse to make). It sounds gross, so I'm not surprised at his aversion to this meal.

When we worked for the meal prep kitchen, they had a version of the dish that used shredded beef that was divine. Knowing he wouldn't want it, I made my portions into micro-mini portions for me and the kids, and then Ed blew that concept by liking their version.

Lately, we've seen a commercial for a sausage based pie, so tonight, I did my spin on it. The recipe on tv is extremely different from mine and I'm really happy with these results.

I still want to make it with ground beef seasoned like swedish meatballs and top it with that gravy. There's always a next time...


Elaine said…
Try lamb as well. That is considered real shepherd's pie. Just do not add corn :o

I do cottage pie like you were thinking with the ground beef and gravy. We only add carrots like traditional cottage pie. I love it, but sadly Luis hates it because he hates gravy :(

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