A New 'Do

My hairdresser is on a leave of absence. I got my haircut the week before she was going in for some surgery, and she expected to be back in about six weeks.

At the appointed time, I would pop in to the salon each week and see if R had returned. I was growing concerned, but the other stylists assure me she's doing okay and looking good, she's just not ready to return yet.

I had my first 'event' as part of the Leadership Society and felt I could wait no longer. My hair was looking scruffy and uneven. Even headbands weren't enough to tame the wayward locks.

Yesterday, I went into the salon again. As R still hadn't returned, I bit the bullet and asked one of the other stylists to even up the current style until R could work her magic. We conferred and she agreed that my hair does grow unevenly, and was about to start on it when another hairdresser came out of the back and I loved her hair.

So I commented that I wish my hair was thicker, because I love that cut. "Oh, that? I cut her hair last week." Not only did I like the cut, but the stylist is the one who did her hair AND she said it would work with my hair. Sweet.

I don't have a good picture yet, but my head had a razor put to it for the first time ever. Not the whole head, but the back is shorter than the front. It's gotten raves from everyone who has seen it. Even Ed, who is not a fan of me sporting short hair.

Let's see if we get some better pictures over the coming weekend, but here's one:


Nice look! and it's good to change things up a bit every once in awhile.

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