Our Day At Sea World

Every October, Sea World has a Halloween Spooktacular and we've made a point of getting over there for it at least once. Today's original plans involved a potential meet up with an online friend, but that fell through. I'm glad that I mentioned the visit to Maureen, for she, Coaster Kid and his friend Big Guy joined us for the perfect weather.

While I had the Nikon in my bag, today was a perfect day to test out the iPhone camera's ability in normal use. It passed with flying colors, taking decent pictures without a flash.

Some new things I experienced: Manta and adjoining aquarium, the revamped Wayfarer's Inn and A'lure, the Call of the Ocean.

Yes, I went on a coaster with neck pain, because the newer coasters at the Busch InBev soon to be Blackstone parks are the smoothest you'll ride. Manta didn't disappoint on that or any fronts. If you're intimidated by the fact that your weight is held by the shoulder harness and ankle restraints, then don't do it. It had a great loop and several Immelmans that gave good air time.

Definitely will be going back on that one, but I'll probably bring socks for just that one ride because the pressure on the left leg made me itchy for about an hour after wards. The aquarium placed alongside the ride was pretty neat, too.

We alternated between what the kids wanted to do, and mine wanted the Penguin Encounter. The switched the entrance around on us! The old exit is the new entrance and you visit with the Puffins first. The penguins still look like they're ready for their close ups.

It was unanimous that we had to see Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island for the Pirate Mime. Today, we scored the best one, Tom! I got some great pictures of him in action, which I'll probably crop and edit and add here. This one doesn't show any other faces and is a good example of what the pre show is full of:

Oh, and they updated the bad jokes in this show, which is all about bad acting. Probably the funniest thing is when one of the sea lions decided he wasn't going to participate and he hid in the boat. The actress needed a few moments to regroup, she was laughing so hard.

The very first trip to Sea World, we saw a great circus type show, Odyssea. It has since been replaced with A'lure, which was very cool. These shots were taken without flash, so they're a little blurry, but give an idea of how the show is very colorful and full of action.

Oh, and the Wayfarer's used to be a pizza place. Now, with the arrival of Manta, the BBQ joint is gone, so Wafarer's got a chunk of that menu. The kids meals are now 7.29-ouch! Too bad none of the adult fare appealed to them today, because they weren't much more than those kid meal prices.

We couldn't have asked for better weather-60's all day, with bright sunshine. Park touring season has arrived. More pictures to follow after I do some editing, but it was a good day.


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