Lunch in Sarasota

Guess who drove all the way to Sarasota and was operating under the assumption that everything was in the damn box? Especially since I was told that the items were indeed put back in the damn box last night?

Yep, that would be me.

I left Lakeland at 9am and didn't get back until 1pm.

I got to the place to return the damn vacuum and the woman assisting me asked "where are the parts?"

"They're in the box, aren't they?"

"No ma'am, they aren't." She then got a manual to show me what was missing.


Today's original plan was to work on my Power Point for my mid term in IT Ethics, then head out to the campsite for this weekend's activities. The four hours spent on this errand meant that I didn't finish the assignment until 7pm. There was no way I'd get to the campsite in time.

We're leaving at 6am.

Oh and the attachments? I have to overnight them on Monday.

If a Kirby salesperson shows up at my door, they're going to run screaming when I get through with them...


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