Two Percent Girl Strikes Again

Thanks to having Factor V Leiden, I tend to be cautious with surgical procedures. Especially if the decision to have one requires lifetime medication that I cannot take because it would cause my blood to clot more than it already does.

Three years ago, I had a surgical intervention to avoid another one. At the time, I asked my doctor what complications she knew of that only happen to a small group of patients. The only one she could come up with was one I could live with.

About a year ago, I started experiencing pain and thought it was related to something different. It was intermittent, but the same every time it did occur. A few times, it was so bad that I contemplated going to the ER, even without insurance. However, there are family members with issues I thought were the same, so I called and asked if the pain sounded like it could be that problem. The answers were yes, it did sound similar.

Now that I have health insurance, my first order of business was to see a doctor for this problem and the newly emerged neck and shoulder problems. Two weeks ago, I saw the doctor, who did an exam and didn't find anything unusual, but he ordered a sonogram.

Today, I went in for the ultrasound and when that transducer went over the area that I'd said I had pain, I saw stars. The sonographer saw something she wasn't used to seeing and the next thing I know, the specialist was in the room and SHE also did an exam.

The upshot? I formed scar tissue from two c sections and the other surgery didn't do exactly what it was supposed to do. Now, I've got a pocket that's filling with fluid that can't drain (the doctor tried to do it with some lidocaine to numb me) and even if they did open it, there's no guarantee that the problem won't happen again.

So, once again, I fall in the 2% realm. This time, it's the 2% who have an endometrial ablation and now need a hysterectomy.

Yay me.


daysgoby said…
Oh,Suzanne. Ladybits are infuriating when they don't work.

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