Crossed Another Hurdle

Ed's mom is sleeping in a bed in a nursing home tonight.

We're getting somewhere, and I feel less of a burden hanging over me, now that the insurance approved this placement. Interesting story there: I stopped by their local office today and the patient services rep that I spoke to had NO RECORD of any requests for rehabilitation placement until the place that she is currently placed at submitted one yesterday.

Yes, I do have copies of her two screens, but the woman didn't understand what I was saying when I asked if she would be able to see any requests that were denied. After all, she's supposed to be able to speak to their clients about their accounts, right? Monday, I call their headquarters and get the answer to that one.

If the hospital didn't request rehab, and fed me a line about the insurance company denying her because she has dementia? Well, they're going to be sorry they were leaning on me about a hospital bill.

I'll have TWO major incidents for the state Ombudsman and one for HIPPA.

Yeah, can't explain the other incident yet, but suffice to say that someone said something they shouldn't have to our lawyer. When I addressed this with the party, she freaked out and hung up on me. That was rather telling.

I am weary and looking at a pile of schoolwork that I've neglected this week. Now that the pressure is off getting Mom out of the hospital, I can now spend the weekend studying. Oh, and sleeping. Sleep would be nice, too.


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