Homemade Costumes are Awesome!

This year, my kids had definite ideas about costumes. Chef wanted to be the Snuggie Reaper and Game Teen wanted to be Captain Rex from Clone Wars.

We'd seen a Tie Dye Snuggie on TV and his plan was to wear that, carry a scythe and he'd tell people "I'm here to kill your high". I thought it was inspired. Unfortunately, the only way you could get that Snuggie was online-the stores carry blue and pink. Oh, and it's been in the high 80's around here, much too warm for that costume.

Meanwhile, Game Teen also had considered being Ash from Pokemon. I thought that was a better idea, as he is now too big for most kid's costumes.

Tonight, we went out to the stores and got the stuff for good, old fashioned home made costumes. The end result is that tomorrow evening, we'll have Ash from Pokemon and a Ninja warrior going through our neighborhood.

Pictures to follow. Chef's turned out really good, and Game Teens requires minor surgery to a blue tee shirt-everything else, he already owns.

If you're in the neighborhood, we're giving out lots of chocolate. I'll have it on ice so it's not melted when the ghouls and goblins show up.


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