$58 a Month For 30 Months Gets Me

Extremely hot under the collar.

I swear, it's like the salespeople see an easy mark from miles away. On October 13th, someone felt the need to buy a Kirby vacuum cleaner. A very EXPENSIVE Kirby vacuum cleaner.

Why? I do not know. We cook meals for her, because she really isn't up for the standing at the stove. Heck, she's not even able to clean up after the things she does prepare, so pushing a vacuum around while lugging around oxygen lines? That is so not happening.

The salesperson got their hooks in good. They went on and on about how it's so good for picking up cat hair (Game Teen and I are allergic, and current plans are tentative that we will move into their house after our lease is up, but I was fully expecting to rent an industrial shampooer to do both houses before that happened) When I said I Dyson Animal could do the same thing for a quarter the price, she was crestfallen.

I'd pointed out what a bad idea it was and that wasn't cool. Unfortunately, that's what I have to do these days. I've held my tongue for years on these kinds of purchases, because it's not my money, but this is one that they'll be hunting her down in the assisted living to pay for.

The thing that cheeses me off the most? Is the fact that I'm sure that there are probably thousands of gullible people who are suckered in by the sales pitch. When I repeated the fact that a Dyson will do the same job for a fraction of the cost a few hours later, she countered "but does it shampoo, too?"

I had use the analogy of having a toaster that's also a microwave. Yeah, it'll do both, but that means it does neither job well. Shampooers need different features. If you need both items in your home, spend the 400 bucks for a good vacuum and rent the shampooer from the supermarket, because that's not an item the average person needs to use frequently enough to justify the expense.

Want to see what you get for $58 a month for 30 months?

The call has been made to Kirby (or rather, Pivitol, Incorporated, the company that sells these vacuums). I was polite, but firm in telling them that a woman who needs oxygen 24/7 will not be able to use this product. Tomorrow morning, I'll be getting a call back from the manager about returning it past the 72 hour cancellation period. Let's just say that I'll be nice now, but if they don't take the thing back, this will escalate.

Tomorrow, I think I need to go make a purchase of a 'No Soliciting' sign...


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