Proof for the northern relatives that we do know what pumpkins are and
can get them in Florida.


Grandy said…
For the record...I never doubted you knew what a pumpkin was. I actually am pretty confident you have about 52 recipes for what you could MAKE with a pumpkin. ;)
Just saw our pumpkin patach is out! Where in Florida are you? I'm South east
Suzanne said…
That was in our local Publix.

There is an annual 'patch' in Brandon on the corner of Parsons and Lumsden, if you're in the area. A half dozen schools work it together and split the proceeds.
Suzanne said…
Sorry, just noticed the South East part. Not sure what is down your way, otherwise I'd share or even meet up.
Suzanne said…
I needed to point this out because my favorite brother in law mentioned pumpkin and bagel in the same sentence today. That is just WRONG! He didn't like my diatribe, lol!

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