Chef Explains Why He Likes Bad Guys

Scene: My car, Saturday morning. Chef Jr and I are driving to his popcorn show and sell. I realize that my phone is in my bag behind me and I need it. The days of old are gone, I can't reach behind me, so I appeal to the child to grab it for me. He does and I comment "You rock, kiddo." This is what commences:

Chef: Well, I dabble in the good.
Me: What do you mean? You're a good kid.
Chef: No, I'm evil. I am a bad guy.
Me: Why is that?
Chef: Because I feel bad for them. They always lose. Good always triumph. I figure I can help them to win a few. See, the good guys can't resist my curly hair. No one can defeat the wonderfulness of my curly hair.
Me: Is that so?
Chef: Yeah, and when I add my secret weapon, good guys are vanquished.
Me: What weapon is that?
Chef: This pout.

Chef; No one can defeat the pout, not even the bad guys.

He does have a point. Think I should line up the interviews with the FBI, Interpol, Scotland Yard and other law enforcement?


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