Vera Bradley Quilt-Before

I've been collecting Vera Bradley remnants for a couple of years, and finally, I have commissioned a throw quilt.

Well, this isn't the first try at having one made, but this is the first time a serious quilter is at the sewing machine. Previous efforts resulted in someone else keeping my remnants (we were supposed to split a lot), and the second person to offer is incommunicado. C'est la vie.

Anyway, I sifted through the pieces I have, picked the patterns I like the most and have them ready to head to Katie Mae this weekend. I'll probably take the other pieces and list them on eBay, because there could be someone out there who hates blue/green/purple patterns and is looking for pink/red/brown/orange instead!

Before I gathered everything up, I worried that I wasn't giving Katie enough material to make a throw and now, I think I have enough here for a full size quilt! I even culled out patterns that I am not as enthused about. Still, I just want a throw size to keep on the chaise for when the feet get cold and Ed says 'you can't possibly be cold when it's 95 degrees outside'! Yeah, but it's 75 in the house, silly! Sometime this year, there will be an 'after' picture. I wouldn't be surprised if Katie puts pictures up during the process, too.


Kate said…
Yay! They're coming, they're coming! (And did you describe me as a serious quilter? Ha!) Don't worry, there will be plenty of in-progress shots on my blog.

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