Dreaming of a Bigger Pantry

There are many things I hate about our house. The kitchen, however, is at the top of the list. It is designed for people who do NOT cook and was probably designed by someone who didn't cook, either.

Take my pantry, for instance. It's a 2x2 that probably would be good if I was single, maybe if it was just me and Ed. This is the view of it today after I actually organized it more than usual.

It has to be organized to survive. In fact, I annex the canned goods to a baker's rack in the garage.

Sadder still, I bought more things this afternoon after I took these pictures, taking advantage of my preferred supermarket closing (wah). So now, they're both wedged tight with non-perishables that we'll use, and making me dream of a day when I have a huge walk-in pantry.


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