Bonus Meals

Last night, we went to dinner at Romeo's Pizza and Pasta, otherwise known as our 'Cheers'. Thanks to the work wellness challenge, I went with a healthier choice, the Bruschetta Chicken (yum).

Our server is new and we started conversing about our dinner selections, me explaining that this dish can be two, sometimes three meals. I also convinced Ed to get my favorite (Penne Russea, because he noms on my leftovers all the time.)

The salads arrive, we enjoy and then another server brings over a plate of their Bruschetta. It is something I adore, the rest don't eat tomatoes. We didn't touch it, worried that the server mixed up the order. Then the owner waved from the kitchen and we found out it was on the house. This was really nice, as the smell was driving me nuts, garlic and basily goodness.

Dinner came, we enjoy, there's enough left over for me to probably have three meals (I called it right.) We had an extra salad, as Game Teen wasn't in the mood, and my lunch plans come together: the salad with the bruschetta mixture, because the toast points do not stay toasty.

Soooo, today, I had a huge salad with tons of tomatoes in it, then tonight, I had about 1/3 of that chicken. This is the bonus of being regulars at a mom and pop restaurant, the knowledge that you'll eat good several times over.


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