Back to the Grind

The party is over.

The new semester and work begin in the morning. I'm looking forward to both, but the two plus weeks of doing nothing has been very nice. I am sooooo relaxed that someone needs to motivate me to get cracking.

Some changes are in store. Thanks to a nice grant from a technology company, my part time, going to end February 1st job is funded until the end of the year-as a full time employee. I did accept this increase in hours, with the full understanding that if a job comes up in my career field, I will take it. The benefits and salary needs are greater than my employer can ever come up with.

One class requires THREE textbooks. One I already own and will probably keep as a reference guide forever, the other two are new to me. However, knowing that I probably will not use them after the semester is over, they've been rented. The other class does not require a textbook.

However, it is not new to me, having been called 'the class from hell' here. That was mainly a result of the professor teaching it. She is no longer at the university-and the doctoral program coordinator now teaches it. In a brief conversation about it last month, it sounds like the goals will not be perpetually moving targets that even change in the course of a two hour lecture! Oh wait, those lectures typically ran four hours on the 'quick' nights.



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