Rehab Addict

Okay, they're not my pictures today, but there are pictures!

First, this is an idea of what I consider a dream house:
Thank you, Trulia, for having an image. If you watch HGTV's Rehab Addict, this will be very familiar to you as the Minnehaha house that Nicole Curtis rehabbed to proper era design. It is a foursquare/craftsman style home, and I positively drool over this kind of home. There's always been a soft spot for Frank Lloyd Wright homes, as well as the clean lines, and pleasing details of the craftsman era homes.

I have some pictures of local homes that if I ever had the money, I'd go knock on the door and ask the owner to name a price. Seriously. Then again, those might have the exterior bones that I love and the inside misses the charm inside.

Then again, we probably are going out of state when I'm done with school and I'll have to track down a realtor who is willing to find one of these beauties...


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