This semester, I'm taking Stats 2, the first class where all the students are pursuing Ph.D degrees. It's been pretty cool, especially since the professor's attire consists of jeans and a different Hawaiian shirt every week.

To do well in this class, I'm taking the advice of my fantastic Psych Stats professor and rewriting my notes every week. Alas, I didn't follow one part of his advice, which is to do it within 48 hours of the class to help encode the information properly, so some of it required heavy thinking to remember exactly what my scribbles were.

Still, the combination of rewriting and listening to the lecture recording definitely helps.

In Psych Stats, we covered ANOVAs at the very end, in the class last semester, it was covered right after the mid-term. Tonight, we once again went over between groups and within groups and those formulas I said I'd never memorize looked awfully familiar.

Who knows what will happen after rewriting them tomorrow?

And what does it say of the semester that we're covering something fairly easy and familiar early in the semester? Is the bumpy ride that everyone insist is Stats 2 about to begin?


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