Just Call Me Jeeves

As I mentioned yesterday, we took a little road trip to pick up a new to us car. Alas, the vehicle is in Sarasota getting a new serpentine belt, but we're back home. At least Ed wanted to have it checked out because the voltage meter was showing us at 12volts-it hadn't broken.

Anyway, we drove in tandem from Fort Myers to Sarasota, doing a little sightseeing before the overnight stay. Chef traveled with Ed, as he missed his dad's old Jeep. Game Teen stayed with me.

I thought he'd want to sit up front. Instead, he took one of the 'back-back' seats, as we call the van's third row. I told him I felt like a chauffeur.

At least he didn't ask if I had any Grey Poupon. This picture catches him mid-grab of swiping my iPad, which he didn't ask to use until we were back on the road!


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