A Tool For Building My Networking Skills

When I took my job, I didn't expect that I'd do more than reset a router here and there or fix laptops when coworkers downloaded those stupid search bars with a free software package for teachers. Oh, how I loathe that ASPCA search bar that promises to give two cents for every search done with it! (The Dear Abby rule applies to that one!)

Anyway, as I'd mentioned about a month ago, the contractors the bosses hired used the wrong type of CAT5 cable outside and well, that didn't work for long. Over this holiday break, they got an electrician to string the right kind of external CAT5, but he knew nothing of crimping and networking. In an effort to save the bosses $2000, I'm going to do it.

Well, once we pick up this:

Then, I have to get the schematic app our computer repair guy suggested.


JW said…
Using UTP or STP? I was actually reading about this in my A+ TEXT.

I am getting ready to take Network Fundamentals class and it has me really nervous especially since the Prof. says it is tougher than A+ and I haven't totally figured out A+ yet. Oh Me!!

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