Strawberry Fields Forever

Today was my first day back to driving to campus for classes. If I leave the house by 3pm, I can usually navigate the I4-I75 interchange without too much of a backup. That was an option, but instead, I opted for Knights-Griffin Road, this two lane that hits speeds of up to 60mph.

It rarely has much traffic, to the point that if you get stuck behind a slowpoke, you probably will be able to pass without difficulty. It's a better route for a Type A, especially when most of the drive, one sees these:
At many of the farms, I drove past right after quitting time, and you could see the line of cars looking to leave these commmercial strawberry growers. Still, some must break at 4, as I saw a handful with workers in the fields, picking those delicious berries. There's a reason Plant City is known as the world's winter strawberry capital!

Can't wait to pick up a flat...


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