The RedHeaded Stepchild of Apple OS's

My MacBook Pro is running Apple's Leopard OS, also known as 10.6.x. When it comes to installing software or drivers, the thing is pretty darn solid. No conflicts, no issues, a walk in the park. I love many features of the OS, like how it separates all my folders for me into what has been added today, yesterday, in the past week, or month.

So, when I bought the iMac, I fully expected the same ease in adding software and the drivers for my printer and various items, even though it had Snow Leopard, OS 10.7.5. The first hiccup was when I tried to install my Final Cut Express software. It wouldn't work. Likewise for my Adobe CS5.5. Product after product, I hear 'we do NOT provide drivers for 10.7.5.' It is slightly frustrating that I'd like to edit video on the iMac, but do it on the MacBook Pro's smaller screen. Of course, now that 10.8 is out, there isn't any motivation for developers to ensure their products are compatible with my OS.

Enter my coworker with an item I coveted and recently purchased-a laser printer. It was $100 bucks, the toner cartridges $15. Instead of replacing ink cartridges left and right, I'd get 2500 pages out of that one cartridge-and it printed in duplex, too. Considering how much printing I sometimes do, it made a lot more sense.

I'd forgotten about the driver woes. This printer has them, too. My coworker has been using his with one of the school's Dell laptops.

Ed dug up an appropriate cable and I am currently hardwired. I need to play around this weekend and find yet another driver set (I'm up to 4), that actually works with a Mac.


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