Chile Rellenos

The visit to the farm stand the other day had us looking over baskets of peppers for $2.00. Who can resist four poblanos for that? Not us. I had some leftover taco beef and suggested Chile Rellenos to Ed. Sold.

This was a scratch effort from start to finish. A few weeks ago, I balked at paying so much for cans of enchilada sauce and found a recipe online-which was really good. I made a quadruple batch today, to freeze some and refrigerate the rest to use this week.

Then, a purchase of Mexican crumbling cheese. While I'd had chile rellenos at many a Mexican restaurant, I didn't realize this is the cheese they use. It doesn't melt completely, but it's very creamy and mild.

Tempura is ridiculously easy: flour, salt and seltzer water.



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