The key to our relationship is that Ed and I recognize each others likes and wants.

For instance, he went over to Daytona today to spend time watching testing at the Speedway. He's been home far too much the past six weeks, so it was good to get some fresh air. However, on the way home, he made a stop for coffee and found these:
and grabbed me the bag to enjoy, knowing they're some of my favorite chips.

When he got his motorcycle last year, a few people questioned my sanity. I even got asked a few times "You seriously are letting him get a bike?" There is no let, but I know my husband-he needs something that is his and his alone. He found this patch today and it sums it up perfectly:
He needs his happy place, and the bike was clearly something he wanted.

I just happen to like having him get more two wheeled therapy sessions, too.


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