Can We Please Have Healthy Snacks?

At work, we started a Wellness Challenge, where we formed teams and we're motivating each other to lose weight.

I'm still on activity limitations, so I'm focusing my efforts on eating better. Fortunately, some of those things have already been in place, like substituting the amount of soda I drink with water. However, the other day, I visited the farm stand and added more fruits I enjoy to the fridge.

Yesterday was great, I brought two Honeybells to work and I had them as snacks during the day. Unfortunately, I forgot to grab more today, but McD's came to the rescue with an oatmeal for breakfast (and an unsweetened tea, too.). In the afternoon, I dropped Game Teen at home and turned around and drove to campus-forgetting to grab a refillable water bottle and a navel orange.

Once on campus, I looked in the vending machines. The only thing close to low cal was the Chex Mix and the only water was Dasani, which I find excessively salty. Oh well.

At least I just skipped it when I saw that there weren't any wise eating choices. But still, not ONE healthy snack? This is typical for the vending machines all over campus. No wonder there's that famous 'Freshman 15'!


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