Walking Down Memory Lane

Ed and I have been sifting through lots of memories. One surprise was how many pictures Ed's Mom had of things we did not, like our wedding.

When we'd venture up to New York, the cameras came out. When they came down here, more of the same. Sometimes, we got prints, but not of everything. As we were holding a grandson hostage 300 miles away, we appeased a doting grandmother by getting duplicates of every picture taken of 'wonderbaby', as Jane had dubbed Game Teen.

Mom had them all saved in albums and boxes. On top of that, she appears to be the family keeper of the negatives-ALL the negatives for everyone. I wasn't sure what to do with those, but my niece told me there is a USB device that will scan and covert them to digital images.

Now, we have some memories that have something more than the images in our brains. It'll be interesting to see what else we discover over the next few months.

Game Teen is just over 2 months old here. It wasn't uncommon to find the two sleeping like this!
In August 1996, we traveled to New York for an all members reunion of my high school choir
Game Teen's first Halloween
Our wedding, August 1997. Until I found the photo album and a few other prints, Ed and I had none of our wedding.
August, 1997, just married (our car is in the background)

Who knows? I may have others to share soon!


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