My Monday Musings

If you are going to write a letter that you intend to be an unofficial 'last will and testament' type document, wouldn't you make sure it was readily accessible by the parties who would need to read it, instead of buried in the bottom of a box of junk that is buried in the bottom of your closet?

(At least Ed knows he's following Mom's last wishes appropriately from this almost 14 year old letter)

If you get a call asking you what items you want out of the house TEN days before the contract is signed for an estate sale (at which time, nothing can be removed from the house) and you're asked several times for a list, wouldn't you get your list to the people who can do something about it?

If you're going to buy every freaking Tinkerbell tote bag that the Disney company made in the last ten years, wouldn't you at least use more than two of them?

Is it really necessary for one person who would try to live on take out food alone if I wasn't cooking for them to have FOUR huge unopened jars of mayo in the fridge?

How many pairs of scissors does one person need? Is a pair for every day of the month enough, or should there be two?

And finally, how many versions of Star Wars is George Lucas going to release before he decides to stop monkeying with it?

In our own hoarding tendencies, we got our hands on the deluxe VHS version that Mom had purchased (and was still in shrink wrap). It joins our DVD and Laser Disc, and I'm pretty sure each version is different.


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