Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday Monday

A friend mentioned on FB yesterday how this time of year made her pull out the Jesus Christ Superstar Sundtrack and listen to it over and over. Another friend added that for her, the show of choice is Godspell.

This sent me off on the search of YouTube for one particular song.

In college, attending all ten nights of the theatre department's production of Jesus Christ Superstar actually was the catalyst for my return to theatre as a course of study. I'd been a communications major at that point. I have the soundtrack and know it intimately, some of the songs are so tied to the actors in that production. For instance, it'd be hard to beat Josh Mostel's "King Herod's Song", but the actor who did it in that production was phenomenal.

Another musical of religious theme from that era has music that always caught my attention, but until last year, I didn't own it, the movie was purchased at rock bottom price during Circuit City's demise. As a huge fan of musical theatre, it is not typical to know a soundtrack very well and not see the show.

And so it is with Godspell.

One of my favorite songs off that Broadway cast recording is "We Beseech Thee", but until I watched my movie, I did not know that this one was cut from the film.

Boom chick!


Loved the Godspell cast album, but I thought the movie wasn't well done. We sang some of the songs from the show in junior high chorus class -- back before it was un-PC to sing them in school.
Kate said…
I didn't even know "We Beseech Thee" until I saw a high school perform it while I was in college. All I ever knew was the movie soundtrack.

Preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepare ye the way of the Lord!
Suzanne said…
SB, I remember those days-and when they ground to a halt with our new HS principal said "No sacred music period," including things like Handel, Bach, Schubert and others.

Kate, that one has been going through my head a lot as well. I'm thinking I will sit down with some popcorn on Friday night and watch it again...

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