My Monday Musings

It's time for another round of things I've been pondering. Won't you join me?

Do I have "personal slave" tattooed on my forehead? Seems I get called constantly with "I need you to" or "You need to get me..." It's getting old, especially when I've got 2 weeks to move and tests to study for!

If a person has a wound on the leg that's getting red and infected, has a history of MRSA and VRE, should they wait three days (until the weekend) to let one of the nurses caring for them to 'take a look at it'?

If the same person has a history of ulcers acting up with infection, and blood sugar that goes out of whack with an infection and both are happening, shouldn't that be a blinking neon sign to do SOMETHING? *Long story short, MRSA, extremely high blood sugar and potassium levels earn a hospital stay*

If you're being taken to the hospital for the above issues, would you make sure you have everything you need or would you presume that your personal slave is going to drop everything and get batteries for your insulin pump because oops, it just died?

Would I be justified in yelling at that person for assuming I'm a slave and for never asking, just saying "You need to" and "I need" to me instead of politely asking if it is possible for me to fulfill their request at my convenience?

When is the fact that she's in assisted living means THEY assist her going to sink in?


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